Soothing the pain for awhile

Jane Faraco’s memoir, SURVIVOR, tells the story of her life as a child of an Irish American, serious binge drinker and a very chilly, highly aristocratic mother who had very little time or interest in her child.

Having had little nurturing and less in the way of guidance, Jane was confused about who she was or about how to be. An attraction for the other girls overwhelmed her. The shame and denial of it, brought it to her knees.

Overeating soothed the pain for awhile. Dramamine at eight, amphetamines at twelve, then, later, pot and alcohol.

The addiction was always to more, more of everything and to serious partying.

Roles were played, mistakes were made, disasters happened, times were high – too high.

When the pain was so great, she thought she might never climb out of it she found a recovery group. And it was there, in those humble rooms that she found the love and nurturing she had always longed for, who she was underneath it all and in the end, the love and the willingness to help others.

Published by Jane Faraco

Jane Faraco is the author of SURVIVOR, a very personal memoir of a sweet looking, sad eyed child who graces the cover. Her daddy drank and so began the cover up. There were always secrets. "No one must know. Never tell a soul." In her memoir she does tell, she shares with you her struggles and the secrets about everything! Jane lives in Vero Beach, Florida with her husband, Jim and doggies, Jacky and Maxi. She and Jim are the former owners of HAVANA Restaurant in New Hope, Pennsylvania for 25 years. They are the parents to Nadia and grandparents to Isabella and Jacob.

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